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As a very successful tourist destination, The Maribaya Lodge continues to strengthen its regional facilities to expand the market segment and also to increase visitors’ comfort. The management feels that The Lodge is less able to facilitate the needs of children under 12 years and their companions. Therefore, The Maribaya Lodge intends to create a tourist area that is devoted to children. This tourist area is named “Fairy Garden”.

Fairy Garden’s main mission is to invite children to learn to explore their senses and pour their creativity in various activities offered in Fairy Garden. Even though it may only be a moment, Fairy Garden can help ease children’s boredom, keep them away from gadgets, help find their interests and allow them to interact with their friends as they should. Various activities are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of children as much as possible. Because of this, Fairy Garden will have 7 main themes that carry a variety of different activities.

These activities will require direct interaction with the child. Activities such as art and craft, cooking, learning to shoot, reading books and listening to stories, or learning to feed animals will be offered here. Children will feel various sensations that arouse their senses and instincts since the first time they set foot in the Fairy Garden. Their sense of sight will be challenged by the presence of a magnificent palace (Fairy Castle) that welcomes them at the gate. Next, the sense of smell will be activated by giving a special room deodorizer and will stay in their memory (for example, for a child, fragrant biscuits (cookies) or cakes that just come out of the oven will be very pleasant so the fragrances that can be chosen are vanilla, chocolate , caramel or cinnamon). Next, their sense of taste can be activated by giving them the choice to choose the costume they want to wear (optional).

Costumes can be in full dress or only in the form of hats, headdresses or other accessories. After that, these children and their companions can choose to immediately enjoy a meal from a restaurant / cafe which is also located in Fairy Castle or enter the Fairy Garden area and try a variety of activities. With a total area of ​​2 hectares, this area will be equipped with various public facilities that prioritize the comfort and safety of visitors, Fairy Garden will become an important complement for The Lodge Maribaya.